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Recreational Powder Coating

Whether your recreational items stay on land or in the water, high-quality powder coating is the cost-effective solution for many years of use and enjoyment. If your boat’s metallic surfaces are worn or corroded, trust Spectrum to keep your marine gear both seaworthy and see-worthy! Expert powder coating restores metal parts and accessories to pristine condition and provides optimal protection from saltwater corrosion. Anchors, cleats, handrails, ladders, water intakes, manifolds and multiple engine parts all benefit from a uniform, enduring powder coating.


What can we finish for you?

We are also your go-to resource for refreshing or transforming land-based recreational gear. We coat Go-Karts, bicycles, scooters, playground equipment, exercise machines, barbells, weights, benches and many other metallic items used for fitness or play. Get creative – with nearly unlimited choices of colors, effects and finishes, you can customize that bike or equipment with a unique new look.

The quality of our work is backed by our decades of experience and the most advanced technology in our new facility. Forget about the hand sanding, prep, fumes, mess, blemishes and short-lived improvements of do-it-yourself spray painting. Let Spectrum Powder Coating do it right for a flawless, long-lasting, customizable finish. We’ll do all the work so you can play! Call or come by today.