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Powder Coating Services

For about the same cost as professionally applied paint, Spectrum can powder coat your metal items with a superior, enduring finish that adds years to their life and requires minimal maintenance. Powder bonds better to metal than paint, so we can powder even intricate surfaces while ensuring a uniform finish across the entire piece.

Any metal object that can hold an electrostatic charge and withstand high-temperature curing can be powder coated. All parts of your piece will be heated to 400 degrees or higher, depending on the type of coating. Our pros can evaluate the item to make sure it is suitable.

We'll restore your rusted items to nearly-new!

We’ll restore your rusted items to nearly-new!

Optimal equipment, unlimited options

Spectrum’s 5,000 square-foot, new facility is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology. The 8’ x 8’ x 20’ oven features a chassis rotisserie for large-scale items, such as motorcycle frames and parts, car chassis, tractor parts, boat towers, radar arches, marine parts, industrial fabrications, and wrought iron furniture. If your piece can fit in the oven, we can coat it.


Your creative options are infinite, starting with more than 5,000 colors. All RAL (Europe-based color matching system) colors are available for powder, which simplifies opaque standard color matching. Spectrum uses DuPont powders, as well as those from other leading companies. No matter the color or effect you choose, your colors will stay true for many years.

  •  Colors – Opaque, metallic, candy, translucent, clear, illusion, dormant and shimmer
  • Textures and finishes – Smooth, wrinkled, rough, matte, high or low gloss, clear, hammer tones, metallic
  • Top coats – Clear (gloss, semi-gloss, matte, metallic flake rainbow colors), blended, masked, splatter-painted, stenciled

In addition, textures, veins, wrinkles, rivers, grips and anti-slips work well for covering imperfect bases with little to no surface smoothing, while adding an elegant look.

Attention to detail every step of the way

Powder bonds better to metal than paint, so we can powder even intricate surfaces while ensuring a uniform finish across the entire piece. The most time-consuming and critical step is properly preparing your item. Meticulous attention to detail is what sets us apart. We make needed repairs on-site, including welding and dent removal, before pieces are blasted and cleaned, and apply rust inhibitors, adhesion promoters, and iron phosphate prior to powder coating for long-lasting results. Spectrum also offers complete media-blasting services.


We do all of our metal preparation and coating by hand – not machine – which allows us to control quality at every stage. Unlike mass-production operations, we have a small, seasoned team of specialists who take a personal interest in every project and pay utmost attention to detail. Enjoy services that are truly custom. Not only do you have infinite choices of colors and finishes, you have the flexibility to coat just a handful of items, each one in a different color. We’re driven by quality, not quantity. We want to do the best possible job and make it easy for you.

No pollution means no built-in regulatory expenses

With EPA regulations growing ever stricter, powder coating is fast becoming the technology of choice. It is an environmentally safe process that consumes little fuel. Because we do not use solvents in any way, our powder coating does not produce hazardous waste, and it eliminates VOC problems. And, since we do not release any toxic chemicals into the air, you’re not paying the costs associated with EPA regulation.

Spectrum Powder Coating raises the service bar

At Spectrum, we take pride in our work and we enjoy working with customers to achieve exactly what they’re looking for. Give us a call or come by and see what we can do for you.